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Mantenimiento anual RVs. Lista de herramientas y útiles.  


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18/11/2016 11:24 am  

Maintaining a RV:

• Notepad for recording findings

• cylinder compression tester, spark plug socket and tray

• spark plug cleaner and gap tool

• magneto timing tool, as required depending on ignition type

• oil drain bucket or other container for proper disposal

• oil filter wrench and filter cutter tool for inspecting the filter element

• stainless steel safety wire (0.032" and 0.025") and duckbill pliers and/or safety wire twister pliers

• inspection mirrors various sizes with extendable handles 

• flashlights, LED or other

• screwdriver and/or cordless drill for removing panels

• brake rivet tool

• air compressor for inflating tires, etc.

• Lubricants needed include some types of the following;

• light spray lube for rod ends

• Mouse milk for exhaust ball/slip joints

• wheel bearing grease

• Wrenches, ratchets and sockets, especially a few different shapes of 3/8 & 7/16, but wrenches up through 7/8". 

• A set of crows feet are nice to have and sometimes necessary. 

• 1/4" & 3/8" drive torque wrenches

• Screw driver(s) and some sort of screw gun (cordless drill is a must in my book).

• Supply of 6-32 & 8-32 screws, some countersunk & some round head. 

• Supply of AN3 & 4 bolts, nuts & washers

• Brake fluid supply and bleeder

• Brake lining rivet tool

• Hardware bin for putting hardware that's off for inspection

• Mineral spirits and sprayer for cleaning engine during inspection

• Plexus and soft paper towels for cleaning plexiglass

• Simple Green Extreme for cleaning grease and oil off airframe

• K&N Filter cleaning kit


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