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The UK Has Been Criticised For Only Taking In About 1,000 Ukrainian Refugees So Far, While People Flee As Their Homeland Is Invaded By Russian Troops
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The UK has been criticised for only taking in about 1,000 Ukrainian refugees so far, while people flee as their homeland is invaded by Russian troops.And during Sunday night's 2022 Film Awards, Andy Serkis, 57, skillfully ripped into Home Secretary 's visa rules and the UK's immigration policy, while presenting Best Director at 's Royal Albert Hall. The Lord Of The Rings star branded the MP's handling of visa applications 'a complete nightmare' while indicating that, in general, she has created a 'hostile environment' for asylum seekers.  'Nightmare'!  
During Sunday night's BAFTA 2022 Film Awards, Andy Serkis, 57, ripped into Home Secretary Priti Patel's visa rules for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasionTaking to the stage, Andy said: 'A world class director is a visionary empowered to change the world with a story that they're burning to tell.'Bringing together and leading a huge family of supremely talented strangers on a difficulty and chaotic journey RELATED ARTICLES   
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'Whilst hopefully creating an atmosphere that inspires, is inclusive and values every single member of that family equally'So it's no surprise that Priti Patel on her debut feature, Hostile Environment, found enormous problems.'And that her follow up movie - All Refugees Are Welcome But Some Are More Welcome Than Others - is a complete nightmare.'  'Hostile!' He branded the Tory MP's handling of visa applications 'a complete nightmare' while indicating that, in general, she has created a 'hostile environment' for asylum seekersUnlike the European Union - which is allowing Ukrainians three-year residency without a visa - the UK has retained controls on entry, saying they are essential for security.Earlier this week Boris Johnson defended the nations response to the crisis and said an upcoming scheme will allow Britons to take citizens from the war torn country into their homes.   The scheme will enable Britons to put people fleeing the war up in a spare room, or perhaps give them a job.  
However, it is expected that anyone offering to house a Ukrainian refugee will have to pass Disclosure and Barring Service checks, which will slow the process further.Scores of Ukrainian families were turned away at Calais with just 760 people granted visas under the Home Office' Family Support Scheme despite tens of thousands of applications.Following mounting criticism, Priti Patel announced on Thursday major changes to the visa regime - but charities said they did not go far enough. <div class="art-ins mol-factbox tvshowbiz" data-version="2" id="mol-07709e90-a313-11ec-b85d-bd504186f279" website Serkis rips Priti Patel&apos;s Ukrainian refugees immigration policy  
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